There are Over 3,300 Android Applications Tracking Kids

Application permissions to access sensitive things are often ignored. This may be unconsciously we do in order to enjoy the features of the application. In fact, we also do not know the consequences of giving permission is harmful or not. For example, applications that require user permission to track location.

According to a recent study, researchers have found that more than 3,300 Android applications have unlawfully collected data on potentially violating children's laws. The law in question is the US COPPA which limits data collection to children under the age of 13.

During the study, researchers found that 281 out of a total of 3,300 applications collected contact and / or location data without asking for parental consent. About 1,100 share personally identifiable information with third parties, while over 2,000 apps appear to violate Google's terms of service that prohibit applications from sharing such identifiable information to the same destination as the Android Advertising ID.

Some of these violations are still questionable and potentially debatable, but whether developers will be problematic or not all depend on the rules in force.

Source: Engadget via Ubergizmo

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