Sophisticated! Huawei Share Can Change Mobile Phone So File Server

Huawei on Sunday (4/15) yesterday introduced a new feature called Huawei Share. This feature will start being introduced on Huawei smartphones via EMI 8.1 software update. This feature allows you to turn your smartphone into a real and simple "dedicated server" dedicated to storage, from where you can retrieve files from any device connected to the same network.

Huawei Mobile Division vice president Bruce Lee Lee said that the goal of Huawei Share is to make it easy to share files between different operating systems. Perhaps you have not experienced a big problem when transferring or sharing files from PC to smartphone. However, the situation changes when it comes to smartphones. When an Android device tries to transfer files to an iOS-based device, complicated and complicated things are sure to come to you.

Huawei Share will instead allow a smartphone equipped with EMUI 8.1 to be a kind of hard disk connected to the network. All devices that will connect to the same LAN will be able to retrieve content (and possibly even to store it) without any complicated special configuration. Smartphones can act as real network devices.

Communication and file sharing can be done on Android devices, iOS, Windows PC or Mac. The only requirement is that these devices must support SMB file exchange protocol. Obviously, this is a very useful feature, and makes it easy for you smart device users who have multiple devices running different OS.

Source: Weibo via GizChina

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