Sophisticated! Access Recent Apps on Android P Will Use Gesture

On the eve of the 2018 Google I / O developer conference to be held on May 9-11, 2018, which will usually be exploited by the search engine giant to announce the latest version of the Android OS, it has now begun a lot of information and growing rumors regarding 'Android P' . One of them is related to the application interface design which is the most easily recognizable changes by the user.

Depending on the phone you're using, the latest Android app menu is usually different. In MIUI, the application is arranged horizontally and can be "depreciated" only to certain icons. For OxygenOS and Android, the latest apps are organized in a vertical card system. Well, when Android P is launched, the latest app menu will be redesigned in such a way.

As reported by GizmoChina from page 9to5google, the latest app display (recent apps) on 'Android P' will switch to horizontal settings. Applications will still be set behind each other and not side by side like in MIUI. It works just like the current vertical setting. Wipe the screen to the left to select the app you want to close and swipe up to close the app.

However, that's not the only change that comes in the Android OS P. The latest app buttons are also deleted, leaving only the Home button now a very simple line and the Back button. To access the latest app menu, you need to wipe the Home button up. When the user is on the home screen, the only visible button is the Home app button that also acts as an option to access the latest menu. Back button will reportedly disappear via Android P update.

Back button deletion and Home button design can be a gradual move for total gesture-based navigation navigation for Android devices. This move makes sense because most manufacturers release devices with thin bezels and virtual buttons.

However there is a possibility of design on this preview version is still immature so it can be changed when the final version of Android P released later.

Source: 9to5 via liliputing via GizmoChina

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