Smart Speaker Facebook Postponed Until October, What Causes?

Since a few months ago, the social giant Facebook world is rumored to be working on their own smart speaker device. The Facebook smartspeaker was initially rumored to be mass production in June, but the volume of orders for 2018 has been reduced by about 20% from the original plan. Surprisingly, Facebook suddenly decided to postpone the launch of its smart speaker until October 2018.

This information is derived from resource persons in the supply chain for the components of the intended smart speaker device. They confirmed the delay until October. But the volume of orders for 2019 is said to be unchanged.

Facebook initially planned to introduce 2 (two) series of smart speakers in May 2018, but the plan had to be postponed due to a scandalous case of privacy violations that even had a headache for the company. A few days ago, Mark Zuckerberg had even been summoned by the US congress to testify on privacy issues in his social networking services.

The two smart speakers Facebook has a code name Fiona and Aloha. Both are equipped with 15 inch cell panels supplied from LG Display. While Pegatron is the sole producer of both smart speaker devices. Smart speakers Aloha will be priced with a higher price tag than Fiona, because the screen can be adjusted.

Source: Digitimes

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