Samsung Fold Smartphone Apparently Will Adopt Galaxy Note 8 Design

So long Samsung is rumored to be working on a folding smartphone that will be called Samsung Galaxy X or Galaxy Wing. But so far not many leaks related folding smartphone, let alone concerning the image or appearance of the smartphone. Well, a local media in South Korea has recently given a leaked picture of Samsung's folding smartphone. Not only that, Samsung according to a report from the state media ginseng is likely to complete it in June 2018.

Previously, there was a leak that says that the electronics company has exhibited two prototype smartphones display folding garapannya on "secret confidential meeting" held during the CES exhibition earlier this year. Well, two prototype smartphones that include smartphones designed to fold into and out.

The folding smartphone prototype shown in the enclosed encounter is said to have two sections of a screen measuring 3.5 inches each. While the third screen measuring 3.5 inches on the outside will display information and notifications that go into the smartphone when closed. And when the smartphone is opened, this device is said to be very similar to the design of the Galaxy Note 8. Reportedly the vendor will design the folding smartphone is based on the design of the Galaxy Note 8 with a foldable section fit in the middle.

The source who knows the development of folding screen smartphone also added that the company is currently conducting production experiments in the amount of 500,000 to 2 million units. However, the device is not expected to land in the hands of consumers until next year.

Source: theBell via GizmoChina

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