Sad, No More Free VPN Service from Opera

The Opera browser was previously known to be very kind to its fans. Because, Opera is spoiling its users with free services Virtual Private Network (VPN). It's also the most popular feature Opera has over other browsers. Unfortunately, this service will be discontinued from April 30 for both Android and iOS users.

Instead, Opera now took SurfEasy. Although claimed the VPE service is owned by SurfEasy better, but of course this is not free. As reported by Phonearena, Opera said that Opera Gold users will now receive a one year free subscription to SurfEasy Ultra. And for those using Opera for free, there is an 80 percent discount available for the Total VPN package if you want to enjoy SurfEasy service.

What is a VPN?

The VPN is basically a service that lets you avoid certain web access constraints by utilizing secure and encrypted "tunnels." It can also be said to be an intermediary that provides a safer highway for your data.

With VPN, it's as if you're not the intended web engakess, so it looks like Opera is accessing it. It really helps to keep your privacy.

Source: Phonearena

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