Revealed! It's Nokia Smartwatch's Clear Release Date

When HMD Global acquired the Nokia smartphone brand, HMD's effort to revive the brand was quite impressive since the Finnish company released Nokia 6 years ago. Microsoft previously Nokia license holder actually tried to do the same, although in the end the American software giant was forced to lift hands along with the decline in sales of Lumia 950 smartphones. Meanwhile Nokia smartwatch business also sluggish that makes Microsoft also from the clothing market.

Before leaving the clothing business, Microsoft and Nokia have quietly tested their next generation smartwatch prototype called "Nokia Moonraker". But somehow, they ultimately never release it to the public.

Nokia Moonraker has all the advanced smartwatch features and the existence of such devices is clear proof that at some point Microsoft and Nokia have a big commitment to the clothing business.

Now circulating leaked series of images featuring Nokia Moonraker that shows the design and features that never released smartwatch. Not only that, a new video in circulation provides a closer look at the latest firmware update released for Nokia Moonraker.

Earlier news mentioned that Microsoft plans to release Nokia Moonraker smartwatch in unison with Lumia 930 Windows Phone but it never happened. Lumia 930 Windows Phone just strolled itself. Nokia also did not release the smartwatch until this moment.

Seen on the leaked images and video, the smartwatch features a tile-based direct interface similar to those in the Lumia series handset. Smartwatch is also equipped with a single physical button that can be used to switch between two screens such as applications and home screen.

The device also has support for gesture sensors that will allow users to view notifications quickly by simply moving smartwatch with certain movements. Smartwatch also has an app called "My Phone" which looks like a tool to pair it with a smartphone.

Nokia Moonraker is equipped with a square-shaped LCD screen with a resolution of 240 × 190 pixels, and also features such as NFC, gyroscope and several other sensors. In it, there is a Windows Phone app that allows users to customize these watches remotely.

Unfortunately nokia decided not to launch this Nokia Moonraker to the public. In fact, if born as a real product, smartwatch is spelled out to be a sophisticated device in its class.

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