Released to Market, Advan i6 Suguhkan Full View Screen and Competitive Prices

Back into the smartphone full sailing competition, Advan issued i6. This smartphone will be offered with a sparkling colored variant, elegant gold, and black will be called the identity of Advan i6.

Not only there, Advan i6 will provide new experiences for consumers in terms of multimedia also communicate. Dibanderol Rp 1.499.000, Advan i6 provides many benefits for its customers. With a selection of trendy colors glare blue, obsidian black, and light champagne gold, i6 was born as a smart phone armed with Full View Display screen.

Carrying the header "Powered Full View", Advan i6 has a 5.5 inch screen landscape HD. The difference, the technology on i6 carrying ratio 18: 9 screen with a wider visual dibandungkan 5.5-inch screen in general which has a ratio of 16: 9

Advan i6 using Full Display HD 5.5 inch screen. The technology is currently being trendy and widely used by the flagship smartphone brand product line globally.

18: 9 screen ratio makes the screen higher and wider. And there is no physical button. That is, Advan i6 is easy, and conveniently operated one hand.

The 16: 9 ratio difference with 18: 9 will be felt when users watch videos or play games, especially those that support 18: 9 ratios. With Advan i6, users will see more than usual on the screen, meaning the word screen will look fuller without any more black frame.

The device is supported 2 GB RAM, and 16 GB ROM also has jumbo battery power. The 3,300 mAh battery can be used for about 10 hours of activity. So, no more word panic does not bring a power bank or charger.

It is said Ellen Anggraeni Gunawan as General Manager Sales Advan, Advan i6 presence is the answer to the needs and trends at this time. Development of technology and innovation, became the commitment of this product pride Indonesia.

"Full view display on Advan i6 provides a new experience for consumers. Seeing full-screen video views, and playing games become more exciting with Advan i6 "he said.

The ratio of 18: 9 in the 5.5-inch landscape, making Advan i6 comfortable in one hand. Characteristics of Indonesian consumers, the majority operate smart phone screens with one hand or finger. According to Ellen, it can be obtained on Advan i6.

Full view display screen Advan i6, increasingly ciamik with bandage effect glossy trendy color choice. Therefore, the blue, white and black colors offered using the technology in Mold Labeling (IML) are also electroplating layers. It certainly makes the colors more vibrant and lustrous.

"This color choice will spoil the eyes of users as well as people who see it. The back of the shiny body, can be used as a mirror as well," he said.

Although priced at Rp.1.499.000, Advan i6 has the technology and features of the flagship smartphone equivalent of the global brand. Face ID and Fingerprint, into two of the security walls offered.

The Face ID feature uses sensors with facial recognition algorithms that are able to recognize facial details points to unlock the screen. This security system, claimed Advan safe and allows users to open the screen. The camera can quickly recognize the face to open the screen in just 0.4 seconds. Then for the fingerprint located at the back, able to recognize the finger in a quick count, ie 0.3 seconds.

Not afdol if the smartphone is not supported by the camera sector mumpuni. According to Ellen, Advan i6 equipped with rear camera 13 MP CMOS resolution with LED Flash, and 5 MP front camera.

"When compared with competitors in its class, Advan i6 has advantages and benefits more. From the price, Advan i6 is still more affordable, then full screen view 5.5 inch display ratio of 18: 9, and there is Face ID, Fingerprint, and of course Advan Secure which now exist in all Advan product line, either tablet or smart phone, he said.

Ellen added, Advan i6 will be sold with special price in just two hours. On Friday, April 27, 2018 and Monday, April 30, 2018, flashsale was held at Shopee for two hours from 12:00 to 14:00 with special price of Rp 1.299.000.

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