Record Date! Spotify Will Release Smart Speaker

Sumber: TheVerge via PhoneArena
About two months ago a rumor blew out that Spotify was preparing new hardware tangible speakers smart. This allegation stems from the announcement of a new job vacancy from Spotify. The leading music streaming company apparently is working on developing smart speakers by trying to find candidates for skilled employees in the field.

A video circulating in March showed Spotify testing their own internal voice search feature. Impressions in this video reinforce the notion that Spotify is developing their own virtual assistant who will then run on smart speakers made by the company.

Predicted, these smart speakers will be ready to compete with the line-up smart speakers Amazon Echo, Google Home smart speakers, HomePod Apple and other smart speakers.

Spotify has now sent an invitation to the media to attend the event which will be held on Tuesday, April 24, in New York City. Indeed so far not known much about what products will be announced by Spotify. In the invitation does not explicitly write down what kind of new goods or services Spotify will introduce.

Actually public predictions are not only smart speakers that will be introduced at the event. Smart speakers for cars reportedly will be introduced also on the same occasion. The purpose of the creation of these two products is none other than to increase Spotify's revenue by expanding the number of users.

Spot speakers will no doubt deliver streaming music and can guide users to Spotify premium services. While smart speakers for cars will be sold for a monthly fee of approximately USD $ 12.99 per month including equipment and streaming services.

Spotify has just become a public company which of course will spur them to work harder in their efforts to attract more investors. So here Spotify must show significant revenue growth. Adding a portfolio of hardware products can certainly drive the growth of the number of users as well as boost revenue for Spotify in the future.

Source: TheVerge via PhoneArena

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