Really Xiaomi Mi 7 Will Use Fingerprint Scanner on Screen?

Xiaomi reportedly is working on the latest top smartphone, Mi 7. Many predictions and rumors that developed around the smartphone. So whether this smartphone will come with a fingerprint sensor planted under the screen?

Vivo and Huawei have used this feature with the release of each X20 Plus UD (Under Display) and Mate RS Porche Design. While other OEM smartphones are still trying to improve this feature until now.

You need to know, some time ago it was rumored that Xiaomi Mi 7 will be launched simultaneously or even before the launch of Mi MIX 2s. But in reality this is just a rumor. Mi 7 will not be released anytime soon, as Xiaomi tries to insert the fingerprint sensor at the bottom of the screen. The company still needs longer preparation time to finalize this technology before it is really ready to run on Xiaomi Mi 7 until it finally reaches the hands of consumers.

Predictions about the fingerprint sensor will be presented under the screen Mi 7 actually start terendus recently with the emergence of leaked MIUI source code that suggests the presence of fingerprint scanner feature on the screen.

The latest posting from CEO Xiaomi, Lei Jun, seemed to provide clues about this feature. A Xiaomi smartphone user at the Weibo discussion forum questioned whether the Xiaomi Mi 7 would come with a fingerprint sensor on the screen. Surprisingly, the question from the @Jaychouis prettyGood account was immediately responded by Lei Jun. He replied, "Randomly said, really!" Then put on a face-shining emoticon.

Indeed, this discussion can not be taken seriously because the response is somewhat open and the form of statement from Lei Jun is somewhat biased. Nevertheless, this reinforces the cues that support the Mi 7 will come with a fingerprint sensor feature beneath the screen.

Source: GizChina

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