OPPO Established Research Institute AI and 5G

OPPO F7 dengan AI Beauty (Sumber: Oppo Indonesia)
In the midst of fierce competition in the global smartphone business and the rapidity of today's technology, it is no easy matter for smartphone manufacturers to create sophisticated products at competitive prices. Research and Development (R & D) is certainly an important aspect. The strong R & D base will certainly enable vendors to create high-tech smartphones and in turn can be used as a source of new revenue by licensing it to other companies that need it. Seeing this opportunity, Oppo also tried to focus more of their efforts on the R & D sector. No half-hearted, the company based in ITongkok has even established a new research institute dedicated to the development of AI and 5G.

Oppo has been known for its focus on research and development of applied technology in smartphones. The R & D investment will now be realized by establishing research and development institute of AI and 5G technology to many branches and offices of Oppo around the world.

An information from local Chinese media iFeng.com, said that the headquarters of the Oppo Research Institute will be centered in Shenzhen. While other major branches will take locations in Beijing, Shanghai, Dongguan, Yokohama (Japan), and Silicon Valley (United States).

Oppo's research institute will focus on three things, namely software, hardware, and specification standards. Oppo will also conduct research and development related to 5G technology, AI development, image processing, and the use of new materials for smartphones.

The official opening of the R & D Oppo research institute has been implemented on 29 March. Attending the event were CEO Oppo, Chen Mingyong, and Senior Vice President of Oppo, Zeng Yuanqing. In the event Oppo also appointed Liu Chang as head of the research institute.

In addition to building substantial investment in the R & D sector, Oppo also announced that it will strengthen its partnerships with leading universities around the world. Currently, Oppo has built partnerships with Stanford University to develop future technologies and create AI-based applications. In addition, Oppo is also known to have established cooperation with the University of New York.

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