MSI GT75 Titan and GT83 Titan, First Gaming Laptop with Intel Core i9

In Indonesia, MSI may be better known as a manufacturer of PC components such as graphics cards and motherboards. But his work in producing gaming laptops actually have a flashy trail. To complete its portfolio, they recently introduced a variant of the laptop from its flagship GT gaming series. Along with the introduction of the 8th Generation Intel Processor, "Coffee Lake", MSI took the initiative as the first Core i9 processor overclock user in the world through its GT series. Supported NVIDIA SLI graphics card and mechanical keyboard, the latest GT series is expected to be powerful enough for performance affairs and offers gameplay experience like using desktop for pro gamers.

GT75 Titan

GT75 Titan is the first gaming laptop equipped with Intel Core i9 processor with fully open hexa-core performance. Using Cooling Boost Titan's MSI cooling system with 6-core 12-thread configuration, the GT75 Titan, its powerful performance can still be maximized up to titi ekstre ,. This combination is claimed to provide an increase of 70% compared with the previous Core i7. The addition of this core is very useful for gamers who stream while playing, or for the use of multitasking let alone coupled with a pair of graphics GeForce GTX 1070 SLI.

Keyboard Rapid Mechanical RGB has been the core of GT's flagship product since it was first launched. This innovation brings optimum feedback and tactile and is designed for fast and responsive movements. In addition to 10Gbps Killer Ethernet, the GT75 also features an enhanced wireless connection to the latest Wireless Killer-1550 Wireless. By doubling the standard 802.11ac Wi-Fi speed, gamers can enjoy a smooth, lag-free gaming experience with or without connecting to Ethernet.

GT83 Titan

GT83 Titan has been designed to pack the gaming experience on the desktop completely in a mobile powerhouse, and is the first laptop to use the Cherry MX Speed Sliver switch keyboard completely. This innovative design has swept several awards, including the Computex Best Choice Golden award. The new 8th Generation Intel processor comes with 6 cores in it, and improves performance by up to 40%. Combined with the GeForce GTX 1080 SLI graphics and superb cooling system, the GT83 is not only more powerful than ever, but also the best desktop replacement to date.

Gaming Experience Optimized - Dragon Center 2.0 & Gaming Mode

By presenting per-key RGB backlighting keyboards in all GT series, MSI took to the next step by launching a massive update on Dragon Center 2.0 that now comes with exclusive Gaming Mode. The redesigned Dragon Center 2.0 now comes with a sleek and intuitive UI and still offers advanced configuration for users who want high performance.

Gaming mode can now optimize system performance and keyboard lighting for certain supported games. All adjustments will be applied automatically when launching the game, without the hassle of manually adjusting the settings. In short, all you need to do is launch the game, and Dragon Center will manage the rest.

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