Microsoft Patents Showcase Stylus Pen with LED Lights, What's the Point?

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In recent years, Microsoft has positioned itself as a technology manufacturer that consistently creates premium Windows devices. This is evidenced by the company by launching various devices and accessories supporting the device. A recent update reveals a new patent of stylus pen accessories for next generation Surface devices. Through leaked patent documents, it can be seen that the next-generation Stylus Pen will be equipped with some advanced features.

The patent filed by Microsoft in February 2017 then shows a pen stylus equipped with LED lights. This lamp may be placed at the top, near the end, or in the center of the Pen stylus. LED position will determine how it works. The LED lights near the end of the pen will light up after the color you choose. This means that users who will paint can tell what color will come out of the Stylus pen without having to try to scratch the pen to the screen.

While on other locations, LED lights can serve as a tool to alert messages, emails and updates available to your Surface device. Not only that, LEDs can also be used to inform the user about the battery capacity of the pen stylus. New in patent form, the utilization of LED lights in the Pen stylus is still not known exactly when it will begin officially released.

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