LG G7 ThinQ, Ready to Glide Early May

LG Electronics (LG) announced its readiness to officially introduce its latest premium smartphone, LG G7ThinQ in early May. It is said, the introduction of this premium smartphone will take place in a special event dihelat in two countries in a row. First, LG will hold a special event at Metropolitan West in New York on May 2nd and a similar event will also take place the next day on May 3rd at I'PARK Mall located in Seoul - South Korea.

Besides the privilege of its public debut, LG G7ThinQ is also listed as the first LG G series smartphone that uses the word ThinQ added behind its name. This word emblem is used to identify all LG products that utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide more convenience and benefits for its users.

"LG G7ThinQ represents the fulfillment of LG's promise to continuously strive to improve aspects of technology to meet the needs of real consumers in their daily lives. By combining AI as an artificial intelligence in it, making this smartphone not just a feature, but part of the experience of better use, "said Hwang Jeong-hwan, President of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company.

Although listed as the first G series smartphone that uses AI, but the actual utilization of artificial intelligence in the smartphone is not the first done LG. Previously listed company from South Korea has been investing AI on LG V30SThinQ. In the smartphonenya, AI technology is applied to some of the most frequently used features. Includes voice recognition feature and Vision AI to improve the convenience of using the camera.

Although not yet complete information related to the development of the use of AI in this latest G series smartphone later, LG said the use of AI will provide an increase in the connectivity of this smartphone with a variety of other LG electronic devices.

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