It's The Most Favorite Smartphone Brand in North Korea

Who does not know North Koreau? Although known as a very closed country with access to electricity and internet is very limited, but in fact in neighboring China there are about five million smartphone users. More surprising again the number of smartphone users is even rumored to have experienced rapid growth.

Even more surprising, the most favorite smartphone brand in the country actually comes from the country that became its biggest enemy. Yes, no doubt, Samsung is one of the most popular mobile phone brand by the people in the communist country.

Then where did they buy the smartphone? Apparently the device is marketed through the unofficial alias smuggled. As is known, South Korean-made mobile phone has been forbidden for sale in North Korea given the breakup of the two countries' different ideology since the outbreak of Korean war that ended in 1953 ago.

In addition to Samsung, a number of Chinese brand mobile phones are also quite popular with residents of the country. Even so, North Korea in fact also has its own mobile phone brand named Arirang. This phone comes with a 768MB RAM capacity, 4GB of internal storage, 8MP rear camera. 2MP selfie camera, 4.3 inch display and 1900mAh battery. Sounds very old-fashioned, does not it?

Can you imagine if a phone with a Samsung brand to be allowed to be sold freely there? Perhaps the Asian electronics giant will quickly take over the market in just a few months time.

Source: GizChina

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