It's Different Snapdragon 636 vs. Snapdragon 625

Recently Xiaomi Indonesia officially bring Redmi Note 5. According to Xiaomi claims, this device is the first to use the platform 636 Snapdragon. In addition to Xiaomi, Asus is also preparing variants Zenfone Max Plus M1 with the same chipset.

Snapdragon 636 is the strongest middle-class chipset made by Qualcomm available today. Some significant changes are in it. Actually, Snapdragon 636 is a development of the Snapdragon 630 chipset. However, the series seems less popular than the 625 Snadragon.

Until now Snapdragon 625 is quite popular in smartphones because of its high performance and better battery efficiency. But its existence is 2 years old. Well in the year 2018, appears Snapdragon 636 that offers better performance. Let's see how many changes to Snapdragon 636 have a performance above Snapdragon 625.

Of course, the chipset specification itself will determine the overall performance of both. Chipsets are some combination of chips like modem, CPU, GPU and other chips. Here are some details about both.

1. CPU

On paper, clockspeed CPU Snapdragon (SD) 625 is higher than SD 636, 2.0 GHz vs 1.8 GHz. But this does not mean the performance of SD 636 is no better than SD 625. Why? Because the CPU in 636 is different.

SD 636 uses a suctom core called Kryo 260. Kryo 260 is a custom core that comes from the base Cortex A73 previously adopted in the 800 series Snapdragon chipset. Qualcomm brings Kryo in SD 636 to be more affordable but has the power equivalent to the 800 series. While the CPU in SD 625 using Cortex A53 base. So the matter of efficiency and strength of course better SD 636.

2. Modem

Inside the innards of SD 636 there is a modem Snapdragon X12 LTE which has downlink speed up to 600 Mbps. While the existing modem on SD 625 using Snapdragon X9 which download speed maximum 300 mAh.

3. GPU

Graphic Processor Unit is a chip for processing multimedia such as pictures and video. Well, this also relates to the ability of the device in processing 3D images in the game. GPUs on SD 636 use the better Adreno 509 when compared with GP 625's proprietary GPUs that mark Adreno 506.

4. GPS

The GPS chip on SD 636 supports 6 satellite systems: GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS, SBAS. While the GPS chip SD 625 only four: GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo.

5. Quick charging

SD 636's quick charging technology relies on Quick Charge ™ 4 technology, for the SD 625 still one level below it's Quick Charge ™ 3 yanki.

In simple terms it can be concluded that SD 636 is better and more efficient than SD 625. During this time SD 625 became an option in the middle class and proved very reliable in its class. However, with the standard 636 SD is elevated even higher by Qualcomm.

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