iPhone X Contribute 35% Profit Global Smartphone Industry in Q4 2017

According to data released by Counterpoint Research, it was revealed that Apple contributed substantially to the global smartphone industry's profit in Q4 2017.

The entire smartphone industry reported a decline in profits by 1% for the same time period. One of the handsets that have a major role in contributing to industry profits during this period is the iPhone X.

The iPhone X smartphone launched last year accounted for 35% of global smartphone profits. Clearly this is a remarkable achievement, although the smartphone is only available for two months in Q4 2017 (November and December).

Not only that, this smartphone also accounts for 21% of global smartphone revenue for a period of three months. During the fourth quarter, iPhone X has five times the profit generated by 600 manufacturers of Android smartphones.

Based on the information presented by Karn Chauhan, a Counterpoint analyst said that iPhone X will likely continue to grow more advanced. In addition, the longer shelf life of all iPhones ensures that Apple still has 8 of the top 10 smartphones, including the iPhone model released three years ago.

Chinese smartphone producers made a profit of 1.3 billion USD in Q4 because the companies have started to dare to work with high-end handsets, which have raised the average selling price of these companies.

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