Involve Humans, YouTube Kids Will Be Safer?

Sumber: YouTube via PhoneArena
YouTube is rumored to be constantly updating its YouTube Kids app to add to the convenience of all its users. Based on the latest information, the latest version of the YouTube Kids app is rumored to be coming soon. Unlike current apps, the new version is said to be made "smarter".

The new version of YouTube Kids app will be equipped with the ability to choose any video content that will serve without algorithm. All clips selected for the new YouTube Kids will then involve people directly. This will prevent those who intend to fool the algorithm by making uploaded videos look child-friendly even if they contain annoying images, violent content, or even pornography.

Last month, Google removed some "conspiracy" themed videos from YouTube Kids including those claiming that the Earth is flat and controlled by a creature that is half a human half-reptile.

A report says that Google will offer both versions of YouTube Kids side by side. Thus, parents are free to decide whether to allow their children to watch YouTube Kids with videos selected by algorithms or YouTube Kids that are directly selected by humans.

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