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Galaxy Note 9 is likely to be introduced a little earlier. Some time ago, had circulated the news that the smartphone that has the code name 'Crown' will be introduced at the IFA event held in September 2018.

But it turns out there is a rumor that says that Samsung advancing the launch schedule of the Galaxy Note 9 by holding a Samsung Unpacked event to be held a few weeks earlier. Likely at the end of Julia tau early August 2018. This step is taken by Samsung allows it to avoid the density of launch of another flagship at IFA 2018. With the estimated launch of Galaxy Note 9 before September 2018, then Samsung seeks to launch its smartphone first to the market before the iPhone released to the market.

If it is true Samsung will hold the launch event Galaxy Note 9 at the end of Julia tau a wal August 2018, then the smartphone sales schedule will begin in mid-September 2018. However, if we refer to leaked information obtained from testing firmware recently showed that it is true that AMOLED production is indeed promoted and possible to launch the Galaxy Note 9 at the end of July.

Well, still associated with the Galaxy Note9, recently circulated rumors from Weibo that reveal some important features of the Galaxy Note 9.

Rumors are mentioned that the Galaxy Note 9 will have a screen size only slightly larger than the Samsung Galaxy S9 +. If Galaxy S9 + has a screen size of 6.2 inches, then Galaxy Note 9 will be equipped with a screen measuring 6.4 inches with the same aspect ratio. This is a small change, but will still affect the visual appearance carried by the Galaxy Note 9.

Not yet clear whether the Galaxy Note 9 will be equipped with features below the screen fingerprint reader. Rumors recently mentioned that Samsung is trying to insert this feature into the Galaxy Note 9, although it has not been confirmed or clarity of them true or not.

In addition to increasing the size of the screen, Samsung also increase the size of the battery in the Galaxy Note 9. This smartphone will be equipped with a battery capacity of 3,850 mAh, although there is also a mention that the Galaxy Note 9 batteries for 4,000 mAh. Compare with Galaxy S9 + which is only equipped with a capacity of 3,500 mAh battery and Galaxy S9 which has a battery of 3,000mAh.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 will use the same chipset as the Galaxy S9 duo that is Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, running OS 8.1 OSreo, and support graphics GPU Adreno 630.

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