Inaugurate Foot in Europe, Xiaomi Mi Home Now Supports Two New Languages

The Xiaomi Mi Home app is a very important tool that runs on most Xiaomi devices, as it is required to control devices on the Mi ecosystem. Recently, Xiaomi has tried to expand its influence to more countries, including Europe. Through a recently released software update, Xiaomi has apparently added Italian and French support to his app.

Through the Google Play Store, MI Home version 5.1.26 also rolled a number of bug fixes. Later this update will roll with a size of 26.83 MB. Until now, Mi Home does not support European servers yet, but this app can manage some smart devices remotely (IoT) that includes smart lights, robots, smart speakers, and more.

Gradually, Xiaomi will continue to develop its influence to more countries. Currently Xiaomi already has Mi Store in many European countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, and several other countries. The presence of this update indicates that Xiaomi will most likely be preparing to increase its influence in both countries.

Source: GizChina

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