Huawei Ready to Use LG Artificial OLED Screen

Huawei seems to have chosen LG as a supplier of OLED curved display components that will be used for its ultra-premium smartphones in the future. China's technological giant step is actually not the first because previously the manufacturer has also been using a screen made by the country's ginseng vendors for Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design.

This ultra-premium handset brings a 6-inch OLED display with curved edges and a fingerprint scanner located at the bottom of the screen. The price of this smartphone is very expensive that is 2.103 USD (Rp 30 million) for 256GB model and 2599 USD (Rp 35 million) for 512GB version. Thus this is not this smartphone that can be owned by just anyone.

For LG, providing screen components for ultra premium smartphones for Huawei could be a way to get a chance on the international market. What's more, the Huawei branded handset is the only manufacturer currently adopting the LG-made screen. Huawei's position as the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world will certainly help LG to get a lot of screen component orders.

As is known, LG itself is a newcomer company in the business of OLED panel sales for smartphones. For the cultivation of Google Pixel 2 XL, made by LG apparently has some problems in the component screen including burn-in. But whether the same problem will be found also on Huawei products? Let's just wait its progress forward.

Source: AT via PA

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