Here Looks Xiaomi Mi 6X

The news about prospective smartphone Xiaomi once again circulated. This time related to the emergence of a predicted figure as the successor of Xiaomi Mi 5X, the Mi 6X.

Asana looks, Xiaomi Mi 6X has a design very similar to Redmi Note 5 or Redmi Note 5Pro. This smartphone will be equipped with dual camera features that have camera settings that are very similar to the iPhone X. Xiaomi Mi 6X will have a fingerprint scanner feature placed on the back of the smartphone. In addition, there are other similarities between the Xiaomi Mi 6X and Redmi Note 5, namely the size of the same screen-samaberukuran 5.9 inches.

However, the main difference between Mi 6X and Redmi Note 5 Pro is the U antenna design it has. Based on leaked photos circulating in Weibo, visible photos directly from the smartphone that is claimed is Xiaomi Mi 6X. When I first saw it, it appears that Mi 6X has a U antenna design that is on the top of the back of the body. But not yet clear, whether this U-shaped antenna or just a sweetener casing that is placed on the back of the body of the smartphone.

Since 'U design' is the only way to distinguish between Redmi Note 5 and Mi 6X, it is certain that the photo leak is true Xiaomi Mi 6X.

Xiaomi Mi 6X is expected to be launched as Xiaomi Mi A2 in several countries outside China. This smartphone will run a pure Android operating system and released as one of Android One smartphone like its predecessor, Mi A1.

Source: GizChina

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