Google Interested in Nokia Healthcare Acquisition

Nokia acquired Withings a few years ago and renamed it Nokia Health. After the acquisition process is completed, Nokia Health also released several products and recruited many expert teams to develop smart devices under the Nokia Health brand. Including Nokia Go, Nokia Steel HR smartwatch, and Nokia Body Cardio.

With regards to Nokia Health, recently came the shocking news that there are rumors saying that Nokia wants to 'get rid of' the mission and plan to sell it to other companies.

This was reinforced from a leaked internal memo in February that revealed that Nokia Health's mission was doomed to struggle to exist. Therefore, Nokia wants to sell it. Google is said to be touted as one of the bidders to acquire the pisi.

Not only Google, Nest is actually also interested to buy Nokia Health. However, Nest announced earlier this year that it is no longer a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. that are separate and will be reunited with Google. So, it is technically Google who made the acquisition offer.

There are several other unnamed companies interested in the acquisition. Two of them are French companies and others are non-European companies.

Source: GizmoChina

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