Following Xiaomi, Asus Will Work Smartphone Gaming

Asus has a fairly high "flying hours" in the cultivation business of gaming devices. Sub-brand from Asus is Strix and ROG (Republic of Gamer) is quite shine in the market. So quite natural if then Asus has the confidence to work on a smartphone gaming. In addition, lately a number of other smartphone vendors are known to have also launched similar products. Finally, Xiaomi on April 13 has introduced the Black Shark as their first gaming phone that brings superior features ranging from 8GB RAM, Snapdragon 845 chipset to Gamepad accessories.

The cue about Asus plunge into the gaming smarphone business was first expressed by the CEO, Jerry Shen in a media interview in order to unveil the 100th Asus store in the Philippines. Jerry in front of the media said that Asus in the near future will release the device "smartphone gaming" itself. In this way, Asus optimistic will be able to take advantage of its prominent position in the arena of games and PC to evoke a niche market gaming smartphone that has not been touched widely.

Of course, it is still too early to start speculating or rounding up our expectations about Asus's sophisticated gaming smartphone. There are some parties who speculate that Asus wants to include some hardware that has special specifications for games in it. But this is still a rumor, because almost all contemporary devices can run most Android games pretty well.

Thus, the company may have to prepare the first exclusive feature that will make the game artificial game more prominent than Xiaomi Black Shark or Razer Phone which has already been present in the market.

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