Follow Samsung Trace, Microsoft Ready to Work on Folding Screen Devices?

If some time ago circulated the news that Samsung is busy working on a smartphone screen design nicknamed Galaxy X, Microsoft is now reportedly not to be outdone by registering a product patent with a design that is not much different. The latest patent document leak reveals the fact that Microsoft also has a great interest to work on folding devices like Samsung.

Back in December, Microsoft filed several patents related to tablet devices whose screens could be folded. Once the screen is successfully folded, this tablet can then turn into a smartphone. Many consider this is a Surface Phone tablet that has been waiting for by the public. But there is no clarity when the device will be released to the market.

While the latest patent document shows the screen of a device that can be folded and can be converted into many modes ranging from tablet mode with dual screen, tent mode, laptop mode, and smartphone mode. The whole concept, reportedly being worked on under the Andromeda Project.

The latest leaks concerning patent applications related to the fold system will be applied to the screen. The first patent tries to solve a problem created when a device with two monitors is connected by a hinge in the middle. In this case, Microsoft says that they will abandon conventional movements on the device.

According to Microsoft, this conventional movement can reduce user convenience and make it easily saturated. Based on the translation in the patent application registered with the US register number 2018/0113520 A1, Microsoft will use different types of inputs that take into account the orientation of the device, the position of the hinge, and how the user holds the product. Thus, different input signals can be combined with hinge interaction to modify the operation associated with hinge interaction. Microsoft says that this will make the device "smarter".

The second patent application, registered with US register number 2018/0113241 A1, describes a patent related to the method to keep both screens used on folded devices flat, even if one of the screens is slightly curved. In order to overcome this problem, Microsoft mentioned will use technology "image correcting layer" which will be very helpful to create the illusion of the image to remain visible "normal" and good though presented on the surface of the screen is slightly curved.

Unfortunately, in this patent does not elaborate in more detail related to the specifications and features what will support the Microsoft folding device. In addition, there is no guarantee whether Microsoft will apply this patent in a finished product including when exactly this device will be released to the public.

Source: FPO1 and FPO2 via WindowsCentral via PhoneArena

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