Flight information Airlines It can be known via Google Home

As a speaker that can function as a personal assistant, Google Home, has many capabilities to help users, such as turning on lights, or giving important information to its users.

With regards to Google Home, it was recently announced that Singapore Airlines (SIA) customers have been able to enjoy quick and easy access to flight information through voice commands from their comfortable home.

SIA is the first airline in Southeast Asia to provide their flight information through Google Home, which was launched in Singapore today.

Through Google Home - a voice-enabled speaker powered by Google Assistant (voice-enabled speaker powered by Google Assistant) - users simply provide voice instructions to get information on flights operated by Singapore Airlines and SilkAir. Such information includes the current status of departures and arrivals, dates, times, and airport terminal terminals.

SIA will gradually continue to increase the amount of information available through Google Home in order to answer more customer questions before the flight. The information provided through Google Home is an extension of the airline's Kris - chatbot beta version - available for the first time on SIA's global Facebook page in December last year. Kris has been developed by the in-house SIA team and will be launched on SIA's official website - singaporeair.com in the second quarter of this year.

"We are excited to have the opportunity to join the Google Home and Google Assistant platforms. This partnership is part of our effort to take advantage of SIA's digital capabilities in order to offer customers better convenience, and to communicate directly with them outside of our existing contact channels, "said Mr. Marvin Tan, Senior Vice President Customer Services & Operations Singapore Airlines.

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