Discovered Delete His Own Message, Mark Zuckerberg Confessed Test Feature "Unsend"

Mark Zuckerberg (Sumber: Facebook)
As first reported by TechCrunch, a number of Facebook executives have recently deleted messages they send to users through the inbox of the social networking site. Messages originating from the ranks of social media officials are known to disappear, leaving only a reply message from the user.

To ensure that, the English-language news sites are then trying to check the email they've received. The result, it is true in the year 2010 ago there was an incoming message from the boss up. Although the act of deleting their own messages is likely to be done by Facebook officials, it seems to be less ethical because it violates the service standards they provide that require user consent to any action taken. Not to mention until now the ability to delete messages that have been sent or commonly referred to as 'unsend' is indeed not been enjoyed by all users.

In order to respond to the action, Facebook then argued that the action they take is closely related to the policy changes resulting from the data hacking event Sony Pictures studio in Hollywood that spit salary data of all employees and film studio officials including detailed information of the film they are working on year 2014 ago. They reasoned that the removal was 'forced' to be done to protect sensitive data leakage. According to him, all messages from high-ranking Facebook will disappear after a certain period of time.

In order to dampen incessant protests from users, Facebook was then said that it is planning to launch a feature to delete messages sent (unsend) to all users in the future. Unfortunately the statement does not mention in detail when the user will receive the intended feature.

"We have discussed the implementation of the feature several times, many people use the secret messaging feature provided by Messenger to set the timer to delete their messages after a certain period of time.Furthermore, we will expand the availability of this feature (on Facebook). will take more time until this feature is ready, we promise not to delete messages from top brass (Facebook) again, we should have done it sooner and we apologize for not doing so until now, "said a Facebook spokesman.

Source: TechCrunch

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