diOpentrip Comes As One Stop Travel Solution

PT. Global Digital Opentrip yesterday (4/5) at The Ice Palace Concert Hall - Lotte Shopping Avenue, inaugurated its product is diOpentrip. Website display and mobile application in Excel do not only have dynamic design and very millenials but diOpentrip also provide airline ticketing service and hotel with best price, most complete, cheapest all in 1 application. Launching this application was also inaugurated by Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta, Sandiaga Uno.

The Global Traveler Research Survey from Travelport said, Indonesian tourists include the most enthusiastic tourists in using various digital devices, both when planning travel, reservations, or when traveling. In the research, Indonesia is ranked third in the category of digital tourists, ranking first is China and then from India.

When booking travel needs, as many as 68% of Indonesian tourists book trips through smartphones. That is the highest number in the world. Then as many as 43% feel frustrated because they have to order travel elements separately. While on the way, 80% of Indonesian tourists say digital boarding passes and electronic tickets (e-tickets) make travel easier.

To support this, PT. Global Digital Opentrip has been at the forefront of digital innovation by providing websites and mobile applications that leverage webste and online travel agnet from around the world, not just connecting from hundreds of websites around the world alone, in Outlook also offering offer services by presenting the cheapest price because diOpentrip is the first and only mobile website and mobile application with NEGO !. So that tourists do not need to laboriously to open the website and download many travel applications to compare the price.
"Since this is a correlation with what I created, diOpentrip has the goal of becoming a 'One Stop Travel Solution'. So what do we do to be a one stop travel solution. So, there are three main points that are done in an entry, that is 3M. Collecting, Comparing and Connecting, "said Raine Renaldi, President Director at Outlook.

The series of websites and mobile applications in Outlook are designed to help travelers simplify their digital needs. So they easily compare, get the best price and book the trip easily in their smartphone. Millenials tourists are the main targets of diOpentrips.

Raine Renaldi also added, "This is all in the form of website and mobile application. Currently we are more focused to the website, for mobile application we are waiting for feedback from the community. "For Android users. Mobile apps onOpentrip are available in the Play Store and will soon be in the near future for iOS users.

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