Descent Mk1, Garmin's First Diving Computer

Image: Garmin

Descent Mk1, a diving computer from Garmin will land in Indonesia. This device comes with a watch-shaped design that offers surface GPS navigation with color-rich mapping.

Designed for free, technical and recreational divers, Descent Mk1 allows divers to plan underwater adventures directly from their watches using GPS waypoints to automatically mark the starting point and diving point. Descent Mk1 also offers several dive modes, 3-axis compasses, diving data, as well as multi-sport functions such as heart rate thumb through wrists, activity profiles, and automatic dive entry via the Garmin Connect Mobile app to Garmin online divers community.

"Regardless of the type of dive, Descent Mk1 is an intuitive diving computer that you would not want to let go of. And with a variety of features installed, this product can be used when diving or out of water, with a form of watches, you will not need to remove it, "said Engelhard (Al) Sundoro, Managing Director, Garmin South Asia.

Descent Mk1 has Apnea mode for recreational and competing divers, as well as Apnea Hunt mode for spear-fisher anglers. Once the diver begins to dive, the device will automatically start the dive count and when the diver rises to the surface, the automatic dive count stops. Descent Mk1 supports up to six types of gas, including ordinary air, nitrox, and trimix. While diving, useful information such as depth, long dive, temperature, NDL / TTS, speed up / down, gas mixture, PO2, N2 loading, decompression / safety stop information, clocks and more can be seen on the 1.2 inch color screen the bright. Divers can switch to dive compasses and additional data pages just by pressing the button, or with a quick double tap on the screen.

Image: Garmin

This product uses the B├╝hlmann ZHL-16c algorithm with adjustable conservative settings. You can choose three conservative levels that already exist, or set your own Gradient Factor. Selected sound and vibration warnings help keep the diver informed during the dive. If subjected to direct contact with the skin on the wrist, the heart rate measurement technology through the Garmin Elevate wrist will monitor the heart rate and track the level of exertion.

Descent Mk1 automatically upload dive notes to Garmin Connect via WiFi with smart phones paired for post-submersion analysis. Divers can name their dives, and look back in the app to review the dive data such as dive type, temperature, entry point and exit point, and more.

On land, the Descent Mk1 features GPS and GLONASS satellite tracking features with high sensitivity for map-based surface navigation, including ABC sensors (altimeter, barometer, and compass). In addition to thorough functions for diving, the Descent Mk1 offers a full-featured sport / exercise, fitness and outdoor navigation equipment.

Made from premium materials, the Menta Descent Mk1 will be available in a stainless-steel bezel with silicone watch straps. With the QuickFit watch straps, the diver can quickly switch between regular watch straps with longer clock straps to wear over a thick wetsuit or dry suit. The QuickFit watch strap also allows the diver to customize the clock style for everyday activities or special events - without using any tools. The MK1 Descent features a convex glass of sapphire for scratch resistant, and a bright, high resolution 1.2-inch color display with LED backlighting, ensuring it can be read in all lighting conditions, either above or in the water. With up to 100 meters of resistance (EN13319), the Descent Mk1 has a battery life of up to 36 hours in dive mode, 18 days in watch mode, 10 days in smart phone mode, 20 hours in GPS / HR activity mode and up to 28 hours in UltraTrac mode.

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