Chat, iMessage Challenger from Google Ready to Release in May?

In the run-up to the Google I / O 2018 developer conference to be held on May 9-11, 2018, there will usually be a number of new features, functions or types of services that the search engine giant will offer its users to Android.

As reported by TheVerge, Google is currently known to set up messaging service iMessage challenger nicknamed Chat. Different from WhatsApp, Line or Facebook Messenger, Chat utilizes RCS technology or rich communication service which is the development of SMS with the addition of a number of capabilities.

Any messages sent by Chat users will then be forwarded through the carrier's network. Then if the recipient is an Android user, then the message will be displayed by the Chat service. However, if the recipient is not an Android user, then the incoming message will be received via SMS.

Although the nature of this service promises universality, however, because this service requires operator intervention, then eavesdropping with legal reasons is certainly unavoidable. Unlike previous Google-made apps like Hangouts and Allo, Chat itself is not a form of application that should be installed on the user's phone. It is the type of service that will be active after getting the green light from the operator. Reportedly, in order to smooth this plan, Google to have to mutate most of the development team Allo to the development team of this Chat service. Consequently, Allo application development seems to be paused.

Not only that, any messages sent by Android users through this service will also not reduce your credit. In sum, any use of this service will reduce your data quota, however, operators are still involved in handling this service to ensure the message is received by recipients who happen to be non-Android users or even those who are still using feature phones or old mobile phones.

Detailed information about Chat service is likely to be revealed by Google at least during the implementation of Google I / 0 next month. Let's wait for further news from us.

Source: PhoneArena via TheVerge

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