Challenge Google Play Store, Huawei Application Store Ready to Release Global

Huawei's reputation is undeniable today as one of the world's largest smartphone OEMs that has built a strong smartphone portfolio in recent years to compete with Apple and Samsung. But beyond that, leaving a huge question mark why companies as strong as Huawei still have not managed to build an App Store or own application store. Though its heavy rivals namely Apple and Samsung have been very well established with their respective application store.

Many users of Huawei devices are hoping that they can find most of Huawei's exclusive apps, updates, and all things related to Huawei in a dedicated app store created by Huawei. Okay, it does make Huawei app store named AppGallery for Huawei smartphone range. But unfortunately, until now only available in China. The latest news says that Huawei will eventually expand the availability of its application store to more countries around the world. Steady!

The recently released Huawei P20 and P20 Pro already have pre-installed app platforms, and all Huawei handsets will be able to download AppGallery this year.

According to a statement made by Huawei, all new Huawei smartphones releases will come with a pre-installed platform in EMUI. As for the older Huawei smartphone, will get this application platform in Q2 2018. Of course, its availability will vary depending on the region.

If you own one of Huawei's smartphones and want to buy or download the various applications available on this AppGallery app platform, then you must first set up your Huawei ID. Once you are fully enrolled in the program, you will be ready to get all the benefits that Huawei will offer, including downloading exclusive Huawei apps.

Source: Huawei via GizChina

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