Better Camera, Huawei P20 Pro Price in Malaysia Cheaper than Samsung Galaxy S9 +

The issuance of TKDN certificate from Huawei P20 Pro becomes a strong signal for the vendor that they will soon bring the three rear camera smartphone to the domestic market. The existence of three cameras of course staying digadang ready to challenge the greatness of photography quality from South Korean whiz, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

Not long ago, DxO Mark which is the image and video quality rating webpage of the camera, lens and smartphone on the market has provided a final assessment of both smartphones above. Assessment is indeed more emphasis on the performance of the device's camera either when used to take pictures or immortalize the video.

As we reported from the official web page, DxO Mark reward Huawei P20 Pro with a value of 109. This value far left the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is only able to score 99. Huawei achievements are obtained thanks to the device's performance figures when used to shoot images . P20 gets the number 114, while the Galaxy S9 Plus get a value of 104. As for the quality of video recording from Huawei P20 Pro also measured quite high at number 98. This figure exceeds the score 91 collected by the Galaxy S9 Plus.

In Europe, Huawei P20 Pro is marketed at a price of 899 Euro or approximately Rp15 million. But right on Friday (4/6), this device began officially marketed in Malaysia with a much cheaper sale price at the number 3299 ringgit or equivalent to Rp11, 7 millions. This means the price of Huawei P20 Pro in Malaysia is clearly cheaper than the price of Samsung Galaxy S9 + in the homeland pegged Rp 12.999.000. Well, how? Are you now interested to have the Huawei P20 Pro? Wait for further news from us.

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