Avast Secure Browser, The Solution for Safe and Personal Online Experience

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Based on new research released by Avast, it was found that 65% of consumers incorrectly believe that Incognito and Private browsing modes in the browser will anonymize their identities and obscure their browsing habits from governments, organizations and advertisers.

In addition, 77% have false expectations that the browser will warn them against potential web-based threats, including threats from third-party extensions installed. These findings support the launch of the newly upgraded and improved Avast Secure Browser product. This product provides advanced protection from browser-based cyber attacks and provides privacy from online surveillance of websites that users visit.

The survey, which collects answers from more than 10,000 users worldwide, also identifies the worrying fact that web extensions are now a threat to users' privacy and security, including extensions used on a large scale. Although more than two-thirds (64%) of the respondents acknowledged that they used third-party browser extensions, only 20% thought the extensions they used were trustworthy. When asked if their browser still has to do a better job of identifying adware and malware hidden inside the extension, almost all respondents (96%) answered 'yes'.

Malicious extensions are an increasing threat because attackers mimic popular extensions to serve ads, record search words and steal private data. Avast Secure Browser actively identifies add-ons, links, and unsafe content that may contain malware.

Matt Adkisson, Director of Platform Products, Avast, says consumers using Private Browsing and Incognito are being given a false sense of security because these modes offer only limited privacy options and there is absolutely no real protection against security or privacy threats.

"Consumers have never offered a browser that provides advanced web protection and online privacy from cyber security experts. We are the first and leading security company, and we have redesigned Avast Secure Browser specifically to deliver a safe and personal online experience. In addition to being a simple and secure choice for inpidus who are aware of the importance of privacy, this new product is faster than any other browser that exists today, "he said.

While other browsers offer only limited privacy security, Avast Secure Browser offers a variety of settings that can be tailored to the needs of users, including Anti-Tracking, Bank Mode, Stealth Mode and VPN integration. Avast Secure Browser also protects users against third parties who monitor and store search history, or place tracking cookies and use of personal data to create fake user profiles.

Users can be confident that Avast Secure Browser will protect them from malicious apps that track their online activity or secretly use their PC for activities such as cryptomining, which is very important with the emergence of cryptojacking. As many as 81% of consumers surveyed did not know what cryptojacking was, but 94% expressed concern after getting an explanation of the threat.

Designed with the highly successful Chromium open source platform, Avast Secure Browser comes with its own Security and Privacy Center that combines Avast's expertise and technology to make it easy for users to protect their personal data and online identity. Key features include Anti-Tracking to prevent websites from tracking users; Bank mode that prevents hackers from seeing what users are typing; Anti-Fingerprinting to disguise the browser's unique footprint; Adblock to improve browsing speed and protect against malicious ads; Extension Guard to block unwanted add-ons or plugins; and WebShield that scan URLs for unsafe phishing or malware domains.

The Avast Secure Browser, formerly known as SafeZone Browser, is currently being shared as an update for all users around the world. The browser will also be offered to eligible new users of Avast Antivirus products and as a separate download on Avast.com. Additional paid subscription features such as Avast SecureLine VPN are available for a low annual subscription fee.

Avast Secure Browser is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7. The mobile version for iOS and Android will be released later in 2018.

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