Asus Launches ZenScreen Go

Recently Asus launched a portable monitor called ZenScreen Go. Cool, ZenScreen Go has been named the thinnest portable monitor in the world.

There are many professionals who do more with their computers than regular users. Such as authors, graphic artists, programmers or call center assistants, where they need a screen monitor that is comfortable to use and comfortable on the visual side.

Many monitor manufacturers are presently presenting a portable monitor screen with thin and light models that are as responsive to a full-size and thick monitor screen. Asus announced the world's thinnest portable monitor with the codename MB16AP aka ZenScreen Go.

Asus ZenScreen Go is created as a portable monitor that is smaller in size and much thinner than a standard monitor. Plus, thanks to the increasing popularity of fast USB connectivity, this monitor screen is easy to use than ever before.

ZenScreen Go is created as a portable device that can be used everywhere and helps users improve their productivity. It says ZenScreen Go can be a great solution if the user plans to expand his work space.

Actually, there are three features that we must peek when looking for portable monitors - resolution, connectivity, and stand design. Asus ZenScreen Go, equipped with IPS screen measuring 15.6 inches with a resolution of 1,920 × 1,080 pixels and coated anti-glare and support Blu-ray filter protection.

ZenScreen Go shows two types of interfaces (USB-C and Type-A) can be adapted via USB-C connection. To help position its establishment, ZenScreen Go is equipped with kickstand.

ZenScreen Go has a thickness of 8mm and weighs only 900 grams. So, ZenScreen Go is the thinnest portable monitor in the world. But the biggest highlight of this monitor is the 7,800 mAh lithium battery that provides power up to 4 hours of work time and even supports fast charging.

ZenScreen Go priced at 380 USD (Rp 5,1 million). But there is no further information related to availability of ZenScreen Go.

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