Apple Founder Regret Wear Facebook

As a result of a scandal involving the use of Cambridge Analytica against 87 million members of Facebook profiles without permission, many have finally stopped using the world's largest social networking service. One such person is Apple founder Steve Wozniak.

Woz, his nickname, told USA Today as quoted by Phonearena, that he was concerned about the way Facebook and other similar companies recklessly use personal data generated by customers.

Wozniak, who left Apple since 1985, said that he prefers Facebook to withdraw the company's original fee from collecting personal data and running ads. Last week, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said that if social network users want to opt out of displaying data-based ads, they have to pay for the service.

Wozniak also supports Apple CEO Tim Cook's comments that his company will never be involved in a scandal like what happened on Facebook because Apple did not make its customers as a product. Wozniak says, "Apple spends its money on a good product, not from you.As it says (Apple CEO), with Facebook, you are the product."

"Users give every detail of their lives to Facebook and ... Facebook makes a lot of money from these ads.The profits are all based on user info, but the users do not get any profit at all." Wozniak said.

Source: USAToday via Phonearena

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