Apparently Gamer Indifferent Problem Cross Platform Game

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Cross platform games may be something of interest for now. Imagine, games that other gamers can enjoy regardless of which device and platform you're using, sounds fun? This has become something that some game developers have developed, such as the Psyonix Rocket League, but is this concept acceptable to gamers?

According to a 2017 survey by GameTrack, it seems that gamers do not really care whether games have cross-platform games or not. The survey included gamers in the UK, France, Germany, and Spain and found that 58% of those who participated in the survey felt "indifferent" about cross platform games.

Gamers who do not like cross platforms are known to reach about 8%, while the remaining 34% see it as a feature "enough" or "very positive" to have, but it seems that most gamers feel unconcerned about it. This is actually interesting because companies like Sony are still keukeh refuse to create cross-platform games.

Although Sony still holds, this survey proves that cross platform is not considered important. That is, no negative impact as well. What do you think?

Source: GamesIndustry via Ubergizmo

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