After Sales Service LG So The Best This Year

The title became the best again achieved by PT. LG Electronics Indonesia (LG). Not for the innovation of its products, this time precisely the title is achieved from the service users. This best predicate is ensured through the success of LG awarded Contact Center Service Excellence Awards 2018 from Carre-Center for Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty.

"The pride of this award not only for being a symbol of the quality of LG services, but also the fruit of our efforts to continue to innovate in providing the best service for users of LG products and the whole community," said Any Setyowati, Head of Service Operations Team LG. He further stated, the seriousness of the company in building a digital-based user service is said to be the key to this achievement.

Further related to the success of this LG, Any said, not only rely on the breadth of coverage area of ​​LG after-sales service scattered in various cities in Indonesia. More than that, according to him again, this is not separated from the various efforts of LG in developing contact services users follow the development of the digital world. "The development of the digital world is demanding development in the world of user services. The ease and speed of service contact access are key in winning user loyalty, "said Any again.

This is what makes LG build a variety of support services. For the public who want to get this public service, Not only through telephone connection, but also through email, sms or through the utilization of whatsapp application. There is also a Live Chat service that allows the public to interact directly on various things. Interestingly again, LG is also implementing the policy No Holiday Service.

While on the other hand, LG also provides agents who directly handle the incoming service request with knowledge updates related products and other services. Through this, agents can more quickly provide solutions to problems faced by users. Not only that, the creation of better service experience was done through the utilization of data of each consumer who had made contact with LG. This data collection is done with the permission of the user. Through this data, LG provides services by actively and periodically contacting users of LG products.

Among the services created based on this user data are 10 Cube. This service takes the form of periodic maintenance free of charge within 10 days, 10 weeks and 10 months for premium LG product owners. In addition, LG will be informing users related to the product warranty period that will end as well as provide an offer for extension of the warranty with an additional cost.

LG will periodically contact users related to product information and new technology in its products. In addition, users also have the opportunity to follow special purchase programs such as trade-in products.

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