Advan i Lite: The First Tablet in the World With Face ID Feature

Officially Advan released a new tablet titled i Lite. The tablet is claimed to be the first in the world to feature the Face ID. The feature allows the user to open the tablet in just 0.4 seconds.

Feature Face ID, can recognize 200 points of the face algorithm. It keeps the tablet safe, quickly unlocked, and can only be opened by a registered user or face.

Such features usually exist in global brands, and in premium products. As the ruler of tablets and Top 3 smartphones in the country, Advan is committed to delivering the product across its entire line of products, not just on smartphones, but on tablets as well. That, making Advan i Lite as the first tablet in the world with features Face ID.

Usually, Face ID is only on smartphone. A smart phone that has such features is common in the premium class. However, Advan provided the feature on a tablet priced at Rp 899,000.

Technology is present to be enjoyed and utilized by many people. Its presence also aims so that everyone can try or have it.

Innovations that presented Advan on the new tablet, increasingly cemented itself as the ruler of the tablet market in Indonesia and Asia Pacific. Based on International Data Corporation (IDC) data, Advan controls 60.8% of the tablet market in Indonesia and Asia Pacific.

Marketing Director Advan, Tjandra Lianto tell why his party equip tablet i Lite with Face ID feature. According to him, now is sepaturnya mobile peragkat good smartphone or tablet has a qualified security features.

"Usually the security wall of mobile devices is PIN, Pattern, also fingerprint sensor. For the Advan i Lite, we provide security options in addition to PIN and Pattern, also Face ID and Advan Secure of course, "he said.

Another reason is, until now there is no tablet that uses the Face ID feature. Even for global brand product output though.

As a proud brand of Indonesia, Advan is committed to continue to produce superior products for Indonesia. In accordance with its commitment, that technology should be enjoyed and owned by many people benefits.

In addition to Face ID, a tablet that has a 7-inch landscape has a box speaker design. Classic design is coupled with the presence of a glowing line at the back. Advan i Lite, comes with two color options, namely black and white.

As a 7-inch tablet, Advan i Lite is comfortably gripped and provides an exciting experience when watching videos, including for gaming. That's thanks to the support of 1.3 Ghz Quad Core processor with 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM, which can be added with MicroSD up to 32 GB.

For game affairs, i Lite has been equipped G-Sensor. Thus, the sensor will be useful when playing a number of games and games AR (Augmented Reality).

In the camera sector, i Lite memikiki front camera 5 MP resolution, and 5 MP rear camera with LED Flash. Devices that have supported this 4G LTE network running the operating system Android 7.0 Nougat, and IDOS (Indonesia Operating System) 7.2 developed Advan.

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